We're a reliable web development firm providing scalable, deployment-ready software and web development solutions. Our developers create web applications with flexible architectures and captivating user interfaces.

Tailored Web Development Solutions by Nxerra

    Empower Your Online Presence through Innovative Web Development

    Designing Experiences

    Empower businesses to craft omnichannel experiences and enhance user experiences across web and mobile for products, processes, services, and digital ecosystems.

    Front-End Development

    Unleash the potential of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and essential stacks and frameworks to craft user-friendly screens that enhance usability and drive engagement.

    Back-End Development

    Elevate your server-side development with our profound proficiency in deploying resilient back-end systems using data-native, cloud-centric, and open-source frameworks.

    QA & Testing

    Unleash the full potential of robust automated testing frameworks to empower your business in crafting high-performance digital products from the outset.

    DevOps as a Service (DaaS)

    Streamline collaboration between development and operations teams using tailored DevOps delivery models, accelerating software delivery processes.

    Maintenance and Support

    Ensure mission-critical application uptime and uninterrupted user experiences with our range of SLAs and scalable cloud-managed teams.

    Innovative Web Design & Development Solutions for Digital Success

    We are a team of skilled professionals in web design and development. Our Full-Stack Web Developers bring both programming expertise and a deep understanding of various industries.

    Web Application Integration

    Our approach focuses on a seamless strategy to optimize software. Skilled back-end developers and front-end designers ensure harmonious performance across your application

    Enterprise Web App DevelopmentĀ 

    Our core strategy leverages custom APIs and web service expertise to build advanced Enterprise Web Applications, driving digital marketing, CRM, inventory management, and efficient workflows

    Full-Stack Solutions

    Our adept Full-Stack developers excel in Java and SQL, crafting modern, scalable 12-factor applications. They're also skilled in implementing cloud-based solutions.

    Website Portal Development

    Our Web Portal Developers excel in crafting reliable, robust web solutions. Their expertise in various industries and technical mastery creates streamlined digital platforms.

    Ecommerce Development

    We offer tailored Ecommerce development and Expertise in Magento, Shopify, Woo-commerce and BigCommerce ensures the right platform for your business.

    CMS Integration

    We excel in seamlessly integrating CMS into your website or app, granting you the freedom to manage content effortlessly, without altering code intricacies.

    Unleash the Potential of AI in Web Development

    Our AI web development services leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to create smarter, personalized websites. We offer budget-friendly AI solutions like chatbots, virtual assistants, predictive analytics, and content optimization.

    • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

      We excel at crafting custom chatbots, leveraging programming languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript. Our website engineers enhance user experiences with AI and natural language processing.

    • Personalization Engines

      At Nxerra, we're experts in personalization and recommendation engines. Our skilled web engineers seamlessly integrate machine learning algorithms for tailored user experiences, based on deep analysis of browsing behavior and preferences.

    • OpenAI's GPT Integration

      We offer seamless integration of OpenAI's GPT, enhancing your applications with advanced natural language understanding and generation capabilities. Transform your user experiences today!

    • API Integration

      Determine the specific AI functionality you want to add to your web application, such as natural language processing (NLP), chatbots, include Google Cloud AI, Amazon AWS AI, Microsoft Azure AI, IBM Watson, and various specialized APIs from providers like OpenAI, Clarifai, or Wit.ai

    Technical Expertise

    Drawing on extensive domain expertise in web development and emerging technologies, we accelerate product cycle times and significantly reduce deployment costs.

    • MEAN/MERN Stack Development

      Node.js | Angular | React.js | Express.js | MongoDB

    • LAMP Stack Development

      PHP | Laravel | CodeIgniter | Symfony | Zend | CakePHP

    • CMS Development

      Magento | WordPress | WooCommerce | Drupal | Shopify | Opencart

    • Microsoft Application Development

      ASP.NET | C# | .NET Core | ASP.NET | MVC | Sitecore | Kentico

    • Python & Java Development

      Python | Django | Flask | Java | J2EE | Java Spring

    Specialized Verticals in Web Development

    Diverse enterprises and SMEs across various industries have leveraged our web development prowess to drive their businesses forward. Our deep expertise streamlines development cycles effectively.

    Finance & Banking

    Craft secure, seamless, and captivating custom web applications for global finance and banking, ensuring safe accessibility and interactive digital customer journeys at lightning speed.

    Manufacturing & Industrial

    Depend on trusted web development expertise for manufacturing units and enterprises to create, develop, and test scalable digital experiences that captivate, convert, and drive sales.

    Real Estate

    Leading real estate players worldwide rely on our web development prowess to create immersive web experiences that inform about projects and drive sales.

    Retail & eCommerce

    Utilize our web design and development expertise that has propelled both physical and virtual stores to success in the competitive online and offline retail landscape.

    Healthcare & Life Science

    Leaders in healthcare, medical, pharma, and biotechnology harness our profound expertise to craft engaging web experiences that empower patients and caregivers to make informed decisions.

    Media & Entertainment

    Enhance audience engagement and streamline revenue management through web development initiatives that have empowered media houses and content leaders to elevate their business outcomes.

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